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Our Prices

MENS CUT from $10

LADIES CUT from $15

COLOUR from $55

FOILS from $55

ANTI GREY from $30

BLOW WAVES from $25

CUT, WASH & BLOW WAVE from $55


HAIR UP from $65

Best Cut Tips

Our fully qualified staff will assist you, with no appointment necessary.

What kind of accessories do you carry?

We carry everything from brushes to combs, regular and decorative hair clips, even bobby pins. We also carry anything to do with nails such as files, clippers and trimmers.

Are there any differences between hair brushes?

Yes, in fact, there are many varieties of brushes and each one has a specific styling purpose. With the right brush you can sculpt, smooth, curl or create hair movement within your style.

- Boar brush: softens, adds shine, prevents damage, helps transfer natural oils through the hair.

- Vent brush: great for styling, adding volume. Heat travels up into the root while you blow dry.

- Paddle brush: great for long hair, straightening, blow drying and combing out tangles.

- Backcombing brush: has porcupine quill teeth, gives more hold.

- Ceramic coated: easier on the hair, retains more moisture in the hair and creates shine.

How do I keep my hair looking great?

The condition of your hair is a good indicator of the condition of your overall health. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep and stress can all have a negative affect on your hair. If you are taking care of yourself, your hair will keep looking great. Using good products, a style to suit your hair type, and regular trims will all contribute to great looking hair.

What's the best way to prevent hair from drying out in summer?

Use leave-in conditioner and UV protectants. Do a deep treatment once a week. A great product to try is Bonacure Moisture Kick. Also After Party is great for after swimming and you only need to us a small amount.

Can products help dry and/or brittle hair?

Choose products with little or no fragrance and shampoos that can heal and hydrate your hair. Leave-in conditioner used twice a week will help restore weight, texture, and moisture. An oil supplement for dry scalp will penetrate beyond the hair shaft and will help nourish and restore sheen and suppleness.

My hair is greasy. How can I control the oil?

Oily hair comes from an oily scalp. Keep conditioner away from the scalp. Products to try are: Tea Tree line, Biolage Cooling Mint line & TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo. A styling product you can use is OSIS Dust It.

I like my friend's hairstyle. Can I bring in a picture of her to get the same kind of style?

A photo is a good place to start and the stylist can do something similar. The main thing to remember is that everyone's hair is different in thickness and body. Some styles suit certain hair types better than other styles so it may not be possible to get the exact same look as your friend's style.

I colored my hair at home and the result was not what I expected. What should I do?

Doing a box color on your own would not be our recommendation. If a color correction is needed, they start at $100. It is best to come in for a FREE consultation before considering a color change.

I have very fine hair. How can I get a look with volume?

There are a few things you can do to increase volume in your hair. Start with a volume shampoo and conditioner and a volumizing styling product. Using a round brush while blow drying will also help. Hair can be back combed or try Sexy Back Comb in a bottle.

We offer deep conditioning treatments you can purchase and use at home, or in salon treatments.

Deep conditioning products are an excellent idea for anyone who colors or styles their hair often. They are designed to repair the hair shaft by using rich proteins found in deep conditioners. The best result when deep conditioning your hair is to apply it after shampooing to towel dried hair and leave on anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the damage of your hair. You can find a deep conditioner in a variety of brands such as Redken, Matrix, Joico, Sexy, Brocato, Ruck and more.
In salon, we use Redken deep conditioning treatments to protect and nourish your hair. Ask your stylist about one of these at your next salon visit or mention when you are pre-booking your appointment.

Each of these treatments can be used alone, or in conjunction with a color service.

- Extreme: For extremely dry over-processed hair.

- Smooth down: to tame frizzy, fly away hair.

- Color extend: to add vibrancy to your color treatment and to help extend the life of your color.

- All soft: specifically for fine and brittle hair.